Catch Fraud Early: I Set Alerts for Every Account I Can

Catch Fraud Early: I Set Alerts for Every Account I Can

These days, it is much easier to keep up with all of our financial activities by accessing them online, but there are risks associated with these services being so easily accessible.  We cannot forget though, that we had similar issues and concerns when we relied on snail mail for banking statements etc.  Therefore, for my peace of mind and some level of protection, I have enabled email or text alerts for every single account I can, including credit cards. 

Having done that, I get an immediate alert on my phone and/or computer whenever there is a transaction.  This also applies to account balance changes including deposits because I want to know when there are changes in my accounts.  This is another step in reducing some of the little concerns in my life so I can focus more on enjoying life.  My cellphone is pretty much always with me, so this makes using alerts an efficient tool.

I have heard others speak of fraudulent charges to their accounts that the bank was forced to call them about.  I think that setting up alerts for the smallest activity size and type as well as account balance changes, is a way to help expedite handling matters regarding fraud.  As a matter of fact, those victims may have been calling the bank first instead of the bank trying to find them hours or days later.

So, if I am expecting the alert, I may swipe the notification away and continue on. On the other hand, if I was not expecting the alert, I would be able to investigate it immediately and take action.

You can enable these alerts by going into your accounts where you should see options to enable various types.   I prefer my alerts via email because sometimes I have issues with text via my carrier.  This is one of the banking services that help alleviate concerns about any unauthorized activity in my accounts.


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