There Could Be Some Unusually Tough Times Ahead

There Could Be Some Unusually Tough Times Ahead

The disruption in our lives is like nothing we have seen before.  As much as governments are trying and planning to help, the underlying foundation of our economic structure is falling apart; therefore, we should expect to see a number of legacy companies either drastically change their model or go out of business.  We should also assume that there are companies experiencing near zero revenue at this very moment.  There could be some unusually tough times ahead, so we should take the time to prepare for them. 

Everyone knows that when times are hard, the less money being forced out of one’s hands, the better, whether through indebtedness or just the essential monthly bills we pay.  In these extraordinary times, it is even more important than ever to have control over how much money we have leaving our household.   This is a good time to force ourselves to examine bills and frivolous expenditures that we can eliminate or reduce.

Remember that savings is always a priority and that investing should be with money we do not need in the near term.  In this environment, we should carefully ease into investment positions with reasonable expectations that we could see them even lower than where we bought.  Additionally, remember that my approach in establishing such positions , whether in individual companies or Managed portfolios, is as such that an economic recovery should meet me with investable dollars on the sidelines.  There are always laggards in the stock market and there will be many of those providing opportunities when the economy has not only stabilized but also as it is recovering.

Finally, just as companies will and must be transformed, so will our personal habits and lifestyles.  We should take advantage of this experience to discover contentment in our own lives, scale back on the excesses and put more of that savings aside for when we need it.  Many have and others will lose their jobs, so we should prepare for tough times.  If one receives a stimulus check from the government during these times, though for many it will be very different to a tax refund, manage it wisely. 

If things recover quickly, it means we have more money saved and can build on it going forward.


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