Live Well Financially In The Present And Future

Live Well Financially In The Present And Future

I realize that many of us believe that in order to save well, we have to strip ourselves of most of the things we enjoy.  This involves making sacrifices that some may even feel are unthinkable and thus abandon the idea of saving altogether.  I do not believe that we should necessarily strip our lives of the good things we enjoy but instead, cut back on excesses and realize that a sound financial structure allows us to live well financially in the present and the future.

The ideal arrangement of a Saver is to establish a system where his money is going into the various instruments that he needs them to be in, while using the remaining funds to enjoy life in a manner they afford.  As long as the system is set to run automatically, he can then focus on the present while knowing that his financial future is intact.  There are many ideas about cutting back on expenses, but while I agree with so many of them, they should not take away from us enjoying the life that God has blessed us with because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

The process of establishing a sound financial structure is to allow one to live comfortably within one’s means while enjoying life.   It is not about living on hard times when one has the resources to live better.  This is why it is important to strive for contentment because without this, it will be more challenging to live within one’s means.  Note that we should also not confuse being contented with being complacent.

The idea of spending less than one makes may seem awfully easy to achieve, but taking inventory of ourselves may reveal that quite a number of us are not meeting that basic guideline.  An easy place to start getting back on track to meet that basic standard is to avoid overindulging on the things we like and spend less time trying to impress others.  

I believe that in time we all learn that living well is not about excesses but rather the quality of the life we live.  When the accumulation of material things becomes our gauge for what qualifies as living a good life, then we ought to know that the road ahead will be tough.


Welcome to My Savings and Me. I have been blessed just enough to have a financially stable life for my family and myself. I have used simple saving and investing methods to make my money work for me and it is now my hope that information shared throughout this blog may ignite a fire in others.

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